Get the Look !!!

Beautiful Canary Yellow Bodycon dress is perfect for summer evenings, stand out with that hour glass figure and a side of rich melanin will definitely attract the sunshine. Can be purchased now for an honest £125 from POPMAP.COM

The Manolo Blahnik Mina royal blue shiny silver clutch is the priciest number of this outfit. Coming at a hefty price tag of £798 and can be purchased from SAVANNAHS.COM and believe it or not, it is on sale now!!

The blue strappy heels that match the clutch so well, can be purchased for £35 from GOJANE

Earrings are an Nzuri Boutique Bold lightweight Adinkra symbol. They are refered to as ‘Duafe’a wooden comb – a symbol of desirability, beauty and cleanliness; priced at £6 and available NZURI

As you can see, we tend to mix high fashion with high street brands but of course whatever your budget you can use our guide to put together the perfect ensemble within your budget.