Young Thug and Nafe Smallz Collabo?

Big collaborations between Trans-Alantic and UK artists are becoming a regularity these days and it doesn’t stop here. As we seem to be expecting a Nafe Smallz and Young Thug link upcoming very soon!
Nafe Smallz who recently uploaded a video was spotted cooking up the “sauce” with Thug via Snapchat, so we can only guess a brand new UK-US collab is on its way! Its interesting times ahead as the video was followed by a picture of the pair in the studio shortly after.

It doesn’t stop there either, as the much talked about Kojo Fundz was also spotted with Young Thug during the same weekend so maybe just maybe there could be two new bangers in the pipeline. Although it’s all speculation for now, we can expect more details about Thug’s link ups in London to unfold soon.
Watch the footage of Nafe Smallz and Young Thug in the video below.

Written By Kenny Leavett