Wyclef Mistaken Identity Arrest

Since Wyclef Jean was arrested by the LAPD in a case of “mistaken identity.” The LA Sheriff’s Department issued an apology to the artist in a statement and said they caught the true suspects.

Clef posted a video on social media that showed the incident, and now he’s going into detail about the events that happened that night.

Clef said he was a passenger in the vehicle coming from a studio session and was getting dropped off when the cops pulled them over and told the driver to get out the car and put her hands up.

“I think we we’re being Punk’d,” he said. He goes on to say that pulling the driver out was a fake-out to get to him, because of the Haitian flag bandana he was wearing on his head that night (supposedly the true suspect was wearing a red bandana).

According to Clef, he got out the car, and they swarmed in on him with their guns drawn. That’s when he told another passenger to start filming. He’s put in the back of the cop car when the supervisor tells them to let him out the car. They quickly do so, because the true suspect is only four blocks away.

He goes on to say that in the police report, the police department said he put his hand on his hip, which the singer said is a lie. Clef speculates that was to cover the police departments behind if the incident became fatal.