The Return of UK Drama series; Top Boy

The word on the streets has it that that Sully (Kane Robinson aka Kano) and Dushane (Ashely Waters) will be back on our TV screens for two brand new seasons of the hit TV drama, Top Boy.

According to a new report from the Radio Times it is believed that an official announcement is expected to be made shortly and the show will be broadcasted over the Netflix platform.

The series first aired back at the end of October 2011, with the second season taking place 2 years later in August 2013, it has been some wait since the last episode but hopefully the wait will soon be over as we’ll have new episodes of Top Boy on our hands.

The rumour mill has it that Drake and Skepta could play a serious role in the seasons to come, As reported back in April (see below). No one knows for sure but both artists have made it public with their admiration for the show, if true then this even a bigger reason for fans to stay tuned.

Watch out for this one!

Written By Kenny Leavett.