Singleton Confirms Ice Cube Turned Down Tupac’s Role In ‘Poetic Justice’

In a recent interview to promote his new BET series Rebel, the acclaimed director John Singleton revealed one of his most celebrated movies could have had a different lead actor.

“I was going to do Poetic Justice. I was putting it all together. Janet [Jackson] was already in. Originally, Ice Cube was supposed to be in it, and Ice Cube didn’t want to be in a romance,” said the 49-year-old filmmaker.

Cube, who worked with Singleton on Boyz n the Hood and Higher Learning, apparently was offered the role of Lucky which was eventually given to Tupac Shakur.

“Chicks like you,” Singleton apparently told Ice Cube about starring in the 1993 romantic drama. “[He said,] ‘I can’t do that right now in my career.’”

Singleton also dispelled the rumours that Pac was forced to take an HIV test before ppearing in kissing scenes with Jackson.

“That was a joke between all of us on set because all guys like Janet,” Singleton recalled.

See some of the interview below: