Krept and Konan Opens a New Restaurant in Croydon

A Congratulations are in order for rap duo Krept and Konan, who have added another business to their growing empire, a brand new restaurant.

If having their own Play Dirty record label and clothing line wasn’t enough now add the Creps & Cones restaurant to the list – The new place will serve creps, waffles, ribs, burgers, chicken and other grilled food. The boys from the 7 will be serving cocktails, vegan options and it’s all Halal.

The new venture is now open to the public and is based in Croydon. Krept announced in a lengthy Instagram post,

“Honestly put my blood sweat and tears into this…

“So much up and downs making this I even became a builder at one stage… but we are finally here. I said we would do this years ago and made it happen.”

For more from Krept and Konan, watch their last music video below entitled, “Crept & Cones” featuring the very popular Mo Stack.

Written By Kenny Leavett.