Keyshia loses Lawsuit by Default

Back in 2014, singer Keyshia Cole made headlines after she was arrested for assaulting Sabrina Mercadel, during a late night visit to the L.A. home of Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman.

Months after the incident, Mercadel filed legal papers against Cole for assault, claiming she punched her in her face, threw objects at her, and scratched her. She also claimed both her neck and back were injured following the incident, and that one of her fingers maybe permanently damaged. In addition, Mercadel says she was attacked after “visiting a friend” and that the two were not intimate. She also asked the judge for a restraining order, which was granted, forcing the singer to stay 100 yards away.

Now, according to recent reports, the suit ended with a default judgment against Keyshia because she was a no-show in court. Mercadel was awarded $100,635, which is way less than the original $4 million she sued for.