Janet Calls Cops on her Ex

After Janet filed for divorce last year, it was reported one of the reasons for the split was regarding Al Man’s abusive nature.
Well, those fears resurfaced for Janet recently when she called the police on Al Mana to check on the welfare of their son, who was in the care of a nanny and Al Mana.

According to reports, Jackson called the Malibu County Sheriff’s office to request their presence at the Nobu Hotel where Al Mana was in visiting with his son. Janet’s brother Randy told reporters that the nanny called Jackson to inform her that Al Mana was acting “aggressive.” It was then that Jackson called the authorities. Randy told reporters that the nanny was “terrified” and that she “locked herself in a bathroom so she could contact Janet.” Authorities confirmed they left the hotel soon after seeing the toddler was ok.

Through his legal team, Al Mana denied allegations in a statement last year that he was ever abusive in any way towards Jackson during their 5-year marriage.