Is Kiddulthood Returning?

Regardless of what we thought was the end of the epic Kidulthood series, Brotherhood, being released in cinemas last year, Noel Clarke has now gone on to confirm that he’s now working on bringing the films to TV in a new series.

Noel went onto to say “I promised it was #TheEnd i dont lie. It Was. If made this is a new beginning, with new opportunity for a lot of talented people out there”
He first announced the shock move to the world on Twitter by giving us a cheeky first glance at the first script of the series, also revealing that the first episode will be called “Kidolescence”.

He formerly teased the announcement earlier this month, promising an opportunity for young aspiring actors.
“Surprise for you tomorrow at 8pm. Little thing i’ve been tinkering away on. Where my young actors at? Stay tuned! ”
Although little has been revealed about the upcoming series, it seems that there will be an entirely new cast with a rebranding of the show under the slogan of “new world, new rules, new problems”.

Keep your eyes peeled here as more info is revealed shortly !

Written By Kenny Leavett.