Dru Hill Suing Label

R&B group Dru Hill’s comeback has been considered unsuccessful and they want to be compensated for failed commitments.

According to reports, they are suing Kedar Massenburg and his Kedar Entertainment Group, citing the company failed to spend the promised amount of capital in marketing and promoting their projects, which cost them millions.
In 2009, Dru Hill signed a two album deal with Kedar, and SisQo also signed two project solo deal. The first of two Dru Hill projects, entitled InDRUpendence Day, dropped in 2010, and SisQo’s label debut, Last Dragon, arrived in February 2015. Sales were disappointing and as we suspect most of you were not even aware of these project releases either.

In the suit, Dru Hill says Kedar Ent promised to spend $300k on marketing but failed to pony up the budget. The members also claim they were “shorted on royalties — never seeing a dime.”

The members are seeking a million each as well as the termination of their contracts.