Clarke and Walters in New Series Bulletproof

While we are anticipating the return of Top Boy for its 3rd series, Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke are joining forces in a new series, Bulletproof, set to be shown on Sky 1.
The two play police duo Pike and Bishop, characters described as “two best mates, bonded by the same moral code despite their very obvious differences”.

“Pike’s dad was the first black police commissioner and he grew up always trying to live up to his expectations,” the synopsis reads, “while Bishop grew up looking for a father figure as he was passed around foster homes, moving from school to school.”

Co-creator of the show Clarke and creator of the “Hood” trilogy has been quoted as saying: “I’m ecstatic that the show Ashley, myself and [Writer, director and executive producer] Nick [Love] created is here. We’ve worked many years in the industry, but never all together. We’ve grown and evolved as artists and this will be a series that fans and non-fans alike will be drawn to. Enjoy the ride!”

Walters the So Solid member and Topboy star, who has already played a policeman in BBC1’s drama series “Cuffs”, went onto say, “I am really excited to be working with Noel and Nick on this project. I have been inspired by both of them for years and collaborating with them on this will produce something amazing. Years in the making but finally here !!! #alwayswinning”

Bulletproof is set to start filming this month which will be 6 one hour episodes brought to our tv screens sometime next year, so watch out for more updates for this one !

Written By Kenny Leavett.