Chip & Bugzy Cool Again

The wait is over, believe it or not after over two years of not seeing eye to eye, it seems as if Chip and Bugzy Malone have finally put their differences behind them!

Both Chip and Bugzy were seen on their Instagram accounts to share a picture and video together, showing them at Giggs’ Christmas dinner, which also had other guests such as fellow industry men Mostack and Michael Dappah, in celebration of the Christmas season.

This comes after a long back and fourth rivalry, which began back in 2015; with what followed with many dubs and diss tracks to which many believed it to be the biggest beef in the scene in the last 5 years.

However, since the beef ended, both artists quietly went about their business, placing more time and energy on their music, both releasing projects and ultimately showing that diverting negative energy into something more productive is far more beneficial in the long term.
Take a look at the pair together below,

Written By Kenny Leavett