Alleged Rape at Chris Brown’s Mansion

Chris Brown was hit with a lawsuit yesterday (May 9) where a woman alleged she was raped at his house during a wild party.

Gloria Allred is representing a woman known only as “Jane Doe,” who claims a woman forced her to have oral sex during a drug-fuelled orgy.

Chris’ friend Lowell Grissom met a lady at 1 Oak Nightclub in Los Angeles. They ended up a Chris’ mansion, where she claims she was forced into having oral sex with a woman at the party. The woman claims Chris Brown blocked the exit of his room with a couch during the party and started playing pornography.

The world-famous artist then allegedly stripped and started having sex with other guests in the room.

When “Jane Doe” wanted to leave, she claimed a woman who was menstruating threw her to the ground, sat on her face and was forced to give the bleeding woman oral sex.

“Jane Doe” says she was covered in blood after the ordeal was over.

As this was happening, “Jane Doe’s” mom was worried for her safety and called the cops. Police arrived at Chris house, and as he refused them entry.

Chris Brown is accused of providing his guests cocaine and Molly (MDMA).

According to Gloria Allred, the woman received treatment at a rape treatment centre and then reported the incident to local authorities.

Police are said to be investigating the incident and that the lawsuit should serve as a warning to “other young women about the potential danger to themselves if they have their phone taken away and if they go to Chris Brown’s house.”